This community is NOT right for you if you meet any of the criteria listed below:

  • Your relationship is in acute crisis
  • One or both partners are experiencing untreated mental health and/or relational issues (i.e., severe depression, domestic violence, active suicidal or homicidal ideation, active addiction, psychosis and other mood disorders that require professional treatment)
  • One or both partners are not fully committed to healing together; this community is not right if one partner agrees to join begrudgingly or with resentment.
  • You have not yet completed a formal therapeutic disclosure.
  • You don’t have other solid support in place (i.e., individual, group and/or couple therapy, 12-step or other recovery programs)
  • You are intolerant of other people’s opinions, perspectives, ethnicities, religion and/or sexual orientation. Our community is open to all who desire to heal.
  • You do not work well in groups or community settings.