Sexual Reintegration Series

Take Practical Steps Toward Reinventing
Your Intimate Connection

The Sexual Reintegration Series is a 12-week experience. Part learning, part coaching, part support group, couples will take practical steps toward reinventing their intimate connection—physical, emotional, and energetic.

Weekly sessions will include, discussion of specific topics, guided meditation, group practice, group coaching, and open conversation. Together we will demystify intimacy and explore practical tools for creating safety, consent, connection, and pleasure.

The goal of this series is that by the end of the 12-weeks you will have a whole new understanding of sexuality and reinvented your relationship to each other and yourselves.

This series is for couples who are no longer in active crisis and who have acquired skills to self and/or co-regulate when triggered.

All participants must be actively maintaining sobriety. Participants must have a current support system that includes an individual and/or a couples therapist/coach.

Dates: Next Series Pending, lasting for 12 sessions

Cost: one payment of $1885