Disclosure Services

Preparation for Full Disclosure

Sometimes referred to as FTD or simply “Disclosure”, a Formal Disclosure is a process where an addict or betraying partner comes clean to their partner about every sexual transgression that occurred in their relationship, from first meeting to the present day. This Disclosure is done under the supervision of trained coaches or licensed mental health professionals to ensure that the Disclosure is conducted as safely as possible, and that both couples leave the Disclosure with a shared truth to build further healing on.

By the end of this prep, clients will be able to identify the key benefits and risks of a Formal Disclosure in order to make an informed decision about the relationship.

What to Expect when Prepping for Disclosure at HCH:

  • Approximately 6-10 sessions per individual to complete Prep
  • 2 Hours of Administrative Work
  • If requested, clients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas will be provided with referrals for a polygrapher
  • Coordination of care with the person who will facilitating the Disclosure (if outside HCH)
  • An aftercare plan for Post-Disclosure
  • If requested, Formal Therapeutic Disclosure can be completed virtually with a Couples Coach at HCH


  • Cost: $390 USD non-refundable organization fee, plus $195 USD per session (average of 6-10 sessions per individual).
  • If a Full Disclosure Session is requested in addition to Prep, there will be an additional fee of $390 USD per coach present.
  • 50-minute sessions
  • Secure Online Video Conferencing
  • No commitment required



I've been listening to this podcast for over a year now and I simply cannot say enough about the amount of knowledge I've gained from each and every episode! I hope that these two brilliant therapists keep picking the brains of the most recent researchers so that listeners across the world can benefit from the healing information out there.


I want to just say that your podcast could possibly be what saves my marriage. It's definitely launched the right attitude in me for reconciliation.


I can't tell you how life-changing and eye-opening this podcast has been for me and my partner! Marnie and Duane, you are incredible therapists and I'm so glad I found you! I want to help spread your teachings as far and wide as possible. Everybody needs to listen to this podcast!


I've been binge listening since finding this podcast. So much good and helpful information. I wish these people had been my therapists since the beginning. I must now grieve decades of unhelpful therapy. Thank you for making this podcast!


I feel more validated and seen than I have for years. This is life-saving and life-changing. Thank you for putting a name and words into my life experience. Alas, help is available.

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