Personalized Intensives

Healing from betrayal requires a great deal of support and resilience and sometimes we just don’t have the inner resources to do it alone.  

Helping Couples Heal offers personalized coaching intensives to help you feel better and achieve your goals quicker.  Each intensive is curated specifically for you. The purpose is to implement an actionable plan to support you, increase clarity and emotional resilience, make desired changes and achieve goals.  

Our betrayal trauma coaches are highly motivated experts and have cumulatively been trained and/or certified in sex addiction, betrayal trauma,  Deceptive Sexuality Trauma (DST), sustainable change-work, positive intelligence and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

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Our monthly Personalized Intensive (PI) consists of

  • Four 55-minute calls per month via Zoom or phone call.
  • Text/Voice/Email support Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm PST.
  • Additional resources including videos and worksheets to support your growth and expansion.
  • Collaboration with treatment team.
  • Assignments to complete in-between sessions.

If there is a 5 week month, the last week will be an integration week.

 We offer in-person coaching intensives in Sherman Oaks, California for those looking for a more experiential and hands on experience.