Living Forward : Life Beyond Betrayal

It’s time …. your time and your turn.

Living Forward Coaching Group

This group is tailored for people ready and eager to fully engage in rebuilding their life after betrayal.   

Led by a multi-certified betrayal trauma coach, Living Forward offers a safe space where members can connect with others to heal, grow, and empower themselves to create a vision for the future fueled by renewed strength and purpose.

We will support and empower you in redesigning and reimagining your life.  

Start Healing

All whose lives have been impacted by betrayal resulting from sex addiction, relational trauma and/or integrity abuse are welcome. 

Whether you are the betrayed partner or the betrayer, we will guide you on your journey from survivor to “thriver.”

There are many issues that arise when you make the decision to move on and begin living forward. We will explore the impact of leaving a relationship or marriage after betrayal in all areas of your life including family, finances, new relationships and self-care and will offer tactical and practical strategies to equip you with the skills necessary to heal, grow and rebuild. 

This group is for you if you are seeking

  • Healing and Reclamation
  • Community and Connection 
  • Skills and Strategies
  • Support and Empowerment

What to expect?

Empathetic Support: 

Find connection in a community of peers who share similar experiences and challenges. This group provides a compassionate environment where your journey is understood and respected. The coaching style is compassionate, forward focused and will stretch your capacity to receive and allow more of what you want. 


Guided Healing: 

Through structured group coaching sessions, you will gain insights and practical strategies to navigate the complexities of moving forward after betrayal.  You will learn  how to gain confidence, hope and resilience, rebuild trust with yourself and others, set boundaries, and prioritize self-care effectively.



Empower yourself with personalized guidance and group exercises designed to foster resilience and personal growth. Explore new perspectives, discover inner strengths, and create a path towards a brighter future.


Holistic Approach: 

As you learn new skills and find the resources to rebuild your life, we will introduce practices to address emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of healing including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), breath-work and mindfulness exercises.


Power of Community:

We heal through the eyes of others.  You will benefit from the collective wisdom and encouragement and support found in community and connection with others who are on a similar journey.  You will foster friendships and support networks that extend beyond the coaching sessions.


Expert Guidance: 

Led by an experienced coach specializing in trauma recovery and personal healing,you will receive expert guidance and tools to navigate challenges effectively.

How The Group Works

  • Weekly Ongoing, weekly sessions
  • 90-minute sessions (Tuesday 4 PM – 5.30 PM Pacific Standard Time)
  • Secure Online Video Conferencing
  • Maximum 8 clients
  • Cost: $425 USD per month, 6 month minimum commitment

Your Coach: Ilyse Craft, Master Transformational Life Coach and Betrayal Trauma Specialist


lyse Craft serves as the President of Helping Couples Heal, bringing years of leadership and client relations experience. Ilyse is a betrayal trauma Coach, trained in Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma Treatment (DSTT) and Integrity Abuse Disorder with Dr. Omar Minwalla, and the Helping Couples Heal poly-theoretical treatment model with Marnie Breecker, providing clients with powerful tools to navigate the complexity of betrayal. Ilyse holds multi-certifications as a Master Transformational Life Coach, Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, Certified Breath-work Practitioner, and offers a holistic and somatic approach to healing. She developed the Helping Couples Heal Intensive Coaching Program (HCH-ICP) for Clients looking for a higher level of support as they navigate the impact and challenges of betrayal. In addition to her leadership role, Ilyse works with clients individually as part of the HCH-ICP program. Her warm and compassion nature coupled with years of leadership experience make her an invaluable part of the HCH team.