Living Forward

Helping You Heal When They Won’t
Coaching For Partners Leaving Relationships After Betrayal

Living Forward Coaching – Focusing on separation and the post-separation recovery process from high-conflict relationships and high-conflict divorces

What do you mean by high-conflict divorce?


  • Your spouse craves control, power, and dominance of situations.
  • High Conflict Individuals have distorted thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions and see themselves as the victim.
  • They like to pursue conflict, even covertly, in order to remain in control.
  • They have an “all-or-nothing” attitude and often seek revenge.
  • They are incapable of managing their emotions in a healthy way.
  • They exhibit extreme behaviors that could be frightening to you and your children, including prolonging the divorce and custody process in an attempt to punish the children and the other party.
  • They have a severe lack of social awareness.
  • They undermine your parenting.
The HCH team will not only help you through the healing process, but be your resource on becoming the best co-parent possible, even if you are divorcing a narcissist and high-conflict individual.

With private sessions you will learn and gain:

  • Tools in navigating communication in custody situations and keep your children’s best interest at heart, especially in high-conflict cases.
  • Learning when and how to communicate is key whether you are co-parenting or sometimes parallel parenting.
  • Certified in all 50 states, our experience will help you navigate issues inside and outside of court saving you time and money.
  • Learn what to negotiate and what is worth the effort.
  • Learn how to navigate the process for evaluations, mediation, trial prep, and the stressful journey of the post-separation process.
  • How to heal from high conflict abuse and managing the constant post-separation abuse. HCH is here to help support you in many ways, to include mindfulness and healing from the trauma of separation and in your journey to be the best parent for your children.
  • Private sessions can also focus on creating co-parenting plans or parallel parenting plans prior to court/mediation.
  • How to maintain efficient and strategic documentation that focuses on the children’s best interest
  • Document harmful behaviors of the other party. While we hope that court professionals will focus on the best interest of the child, it is not often the case. We have a system focused on the best way to ensure your legal team has a clear picture of your case, and that you feel prepared when you meet with them.
  • Prepare for mediation and/or meetings with your legal team
  • Most of all, private sessions and the group will provide resources so that you can make informed decisions about you and your children’s future

We are experienced with international and long-distance parenting and have training in providing support for betrayal trauma, trauma-informed care, BIFF communication, family court, survivor support, and post-separation abuse.


  • Cost: $195 USD per session
  • 50-minute sessions
  • Secure Online Video Conferencing
  • No commitment required