Multi-Faith Partner’s

Coaching Group

A group for partners of all faiths healing from betrayal trauma

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“Trauma shatters the sense of connection between the individual and community, creating a crisis of faith, especially when the traumatic events themselves involve the betrayal of important relationships. Traumatized people lose their trust in themselves, in other people and in God.”

– Dr. Judith Herman

Come together with others in this multifaith community and share in the journey of healing from betrayal trauma. This group offers a compassionate and safe environment to all who wish to include the impact that betrayal trauma has had on their personal faith and to share their experience with other like-minded partners.

When it comes to betrayal trauma, we commonly address the emotional, physical, financial, sexual and relational areas of our lives. However, betrayal also impacts the spiritual or religious aspects of our lives, and those effects are often overlooked. For many, faith plays an important role in their personal journey of healing and recovery. Many partners question God as to why this has happened to them at all. Some inquire about God’s care and may have deep feelings that they have been abandoned by God in their greatest hour of need. They may feel as though they are experiencing a ‘crisis of faith or spiritual crisis.’

Conversely, others still feel close to God presently or even more deeply connected, and desire to share that faith with others as an encouragement and hope. Rich, intimate relationships developed in safe group settings become a source of refuge and safety in a partner’s journey of healing.

Join other partners in this faith-based group who desire a safe place to share their faith and the role their faith plays in their healing.


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How The Group Works

In this weekly group, you will have an opportunity to connect in a safe space with others on a similar journey to explore the challenges, struggles, and joys that come with the healing journey.


  • Weekly ongoing sessions (Thursdays, from 12:30pm-2:00pm PST)
  • 90-minute sessions
  • Secure Online Video Conferencing
  • Maximum 8 clients
  • Cost: $425 per month, minimum 6 month commitment

Consider this group if you have a desire to strengthen, develop, or explore your faith with others experiencing:

  • Loneliness, isolation and hopelessness.
  • Anxiety and fear.
  • Confusion in one’s faith and how it relates to sex addiction and betrayal.
  • A desire to talk to other women of faith.
  • A loss of faith community as a result of trying to get help from one’s place of worship and feeling ostracized and/or rejected.
  • A loss of spiritual purpose.
  • A desire to find new meaning & purpose with God.
  • Induced or secondary trauma by spiritual leaders.
  • A fear of abandonment by God or others.
  • An impact to your self-worth/self-esteem as it relates to how God sees you.
  • Pain from damaging advice from spiritual leaders.
  • A rekindled view of God as one’s source of strength and peace.
  • Your sense of safety with God has been shattered and you desire healing.
  • God as your refuge and place of safety and you wish to encourage others from your own experience.
  • Existential trauma arising from contradictions to your prior religious and spiritual beliefs, faith in God, or belief and connection with a higher power.
women gathered together and laughing

Group Facilitator: Mary Ellen Brown, ELI-MP, BRE/C, APSATS-CPC

Mary Ellen is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) through iPEC– the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in religious education and counseling and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. Mary Ellen is a Certified Partner Coach with APSATS, the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists. She has completed additional training in betrayal trauma, therapeutic disclosures, nouthetic counseling, and couple-centered recovery coach training. She is A Door of Hope trained Peer Group Facilitator and has facilitated weekly groups for partners dealing with betrayal trauma for the last four years. Mary Ellen is passionate about providing safety throughout the recovery process so clients can experience healing and growth in their personal lives. She encourages those she works with to embrace their core values, principles, and beliefs so they can make the best decisions for their own recovery.