Training For Mental Health Professionals

A Online Professional Training for Mental Health Professionals

This training focuses on the treatment of betrayal trauma and recovery. It is designed for therapists who are interested in working with sex addiction and betrayal trauma but do not have the interest or resources at this time to pursue certification.

The training is comprised of four modules and each module is comprised of three components: education, case studies, and Q&A. This training will prepare you to work with sex addicts, partners, and couples impacted by betrayal trauma immediately. However, it is highly encouraged that you seek supervision with a specialist if your intention is to specialize in working with this population. Please see the reverse side of the module descriptions.

Workshop Info

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Marnie Breecker

Facilitator: Marnie Breecker, LMFT, CSAT, CCPS

Marnie Breecker is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Center for Relational Healing (CRH) in Los Angeles, California. Marnie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), and Certified Partners Specialist (CCPS). Marnie is the co-founder of the healing couples heal program and co-host of the Helping Couples Heal podcast. Since 2006, Marnie has worked with sex addicts, partners of sex addicts, and couples impacted by betrayal trauma in private practice, inpatient, and intensive outpatient settings.

Come And Join Us

Our workshops are designed to help mental health professionals succeed in helping others. The road to recovery is often long with many bumps & detours along the way as you know. Marnie & Duane believe that healing is possible & are passionate about helping you help your patients.

Online Couples Workshop Dates

 Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 (4 – 7 PST)

Thursday, October 1st, 2020 (4 – 6 PST)

Friday, October 2nd, 2020 (9 – 12 & 3-5 PST)

Helping Couples Heal Betrayal Trauma Training

Module 1: Sex Addiction & Betrayal 101
  1. What is a sex addiction and how to assess for it
  2. Codependency vs. Trauma Model
  3. Addiction vs. Infidelity
  4. Sex addiction and Betrayal as a life crisis
  5. Treatment & levels of care (when to refer to intensive outpatient or inpatient programs)
Module 2: The Addict
  1. Establishing sobriety and relapse prevention in early recovery
  2. How the trauma model and partner centered recovery plan changes the addict’s treatment
  3. Shame as a barrier to relational recovery
  4. Formal disclosure
  5. Working with a partner’s therapist
Module 3: The Partner
  1. The partner in early recovery
  2. Dimensions of partner trauma
  3. Empowering the partner
  4. Working with the addict’s therapist
Module 4: Relational Healing
  1. Post Disclosure Process
  2. Grief and loss
  3. Therapeutic interventions
  4. Attachment styles
  5. Empathy and Emotional Attunement
  6. Activation and co-regulation
  7. Sexual recovery/reintegration
  8. Rebuilding trust and intimacy
  9. Relational recovery plan