In this episode of the Helping Couples Heal podcast, hosts Marnie Breecker and Duane Osterlind emphasize the importance of adopting a restorative justice model when healing a relationship after betrayal.

They advocate for moving away from a punitive mindset and instead focusing on healing, repairing the harm caused, and fostering understanding. The hosts address common misconceptions, such as the idea that showing compassion to the betraying partner neglects or disrespects the betrayed partner.

They stress that the restorative approach respects the humanity of everyone involved and allows for accountability and meaningful repair. By embracing this model, couples can work towards true healing and wholeness in their relationships, both in the short term and for a lifetime.

The hosts highlight that the restorative justice model has been proven effective in reducing the likelihood of reoffending and increasing recovery and success rates in healing. They invite listeners to consider this approach and reassure them of their dedication to supporting individuals on their healing journey.


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