Shattering the Stigma: Providing Hope for Men Impacted by Betrayal Trauma

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In the face of betrayal, healing may seem like an impossible task for male partners. Male betrayed partners are often overlooked in the treatment of betrayal trauma. In this episode, Marnie and Duane address the challenges that male betrayed partners’ face in the aftermath of betrayal and emphasize the need for support in their healing process.

You’re not alone in your pain. We see you, we hear you, and we are creating resources and support specifically for male betrayed partners.
– Marnie Breecker

Men are often taught to be strong and emotionally stoic, making it difficult to seek help when they experience betrayal. The void of resources specifically for men reinforce this.
While female betrayed partners, in general, have gained much more attention and resources in the last decade, men often continue to be overlooked. This podcast episode addresses the need to create safe spaces where men can express their hurt without judgment. We provide valuable insights about how the socialization of men discourages asking for help and acknowledging their pain and emphasize that acknowledging the hurt is the first crucial step toward healing.

To all the betrayed men listening, we want you to know that we recognize that your voices need to be heard, your pain acknowledged and specific resources and support dedicated to your healing.

We all deserve to heal, regardless of gender.

Betrayal does not come in one gender. When we are betrayed by the person we love the most, it does not matter what your external life is like. What you have lost is what matters.
– Duane Osterlind

The critical moments in this episode are:

  • 00:01:27 – Differences between male and female betrayed partners,
  • 00:03:59 – Male betrayed partners as an underserved population,
  • 00:07:03 – Shame and stigma faced by male betrayed partners,
  • 00:09:01 – Delayed response of male betrayed partners,
  • 00:15:13 – Importance of Trust

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