You Can’t Think Your Way Out of Trauma

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In this episode of the Helping Couples Heal podcast, Marnie and Duane talk with Gemini Adams, Trauma Recovery Specialist, Educator, Author, and HCH Coach, about the importance of including somatic practices in the treatment of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). Talk therapy and coaching have tremendous value and are often much-needed resources for individuals suffering from mental health issues, life stressors, grief, and relationship problems. Talking also has some limitations when it comes to healing complex trauma and calming a dysregulated nervous system.

After the discovery of betrayal, both partners often experience acute and chronic stress, emotional overwhelm, and relational trauma, which disrupts their ability to feel safe with themselves and may result in survival responses that increase anxiety, anger, depression, despair, and/or dissociation. Suppose you are walking the path of healing from betrayal trauma. In that case, this conversation will help you understand the importance of integrating somatic practices to help return your nervous system to safety, reduce trauma responses and move toward a greater capacity for connection, communication, and inner peace.

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If you feel you may be affected by early childhood trauma, or growing up in a toxic or dysfunctional setting, explore the effects of C-PTSD here, as described by Gemini Adams, CF, C-TREP, E-RYT, STR:   If you are struggling with feeling overwhelm, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, or stressed, listen to this somatic self-care practice guided by Gemini Adams, to help you to quickly reclaim a Felt Sense of Safety:

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